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UDON Entertainment Corporation, an art collective of designers based in Canada, provides creative services to the entertainment industry. In addition to their extensive award winning client work, UDON also publishes a wide range of Asian-influenced comics, manga and art books, as well as English editions of Japanese manga and Korean manhwa titles. UDON is named after a type of Japanese noodle.

Until 2012, this was their website for their official e-commerce store. If you happen to come upon this site desiring to purchase posters, prints, softcover collections and original softcover books filled with some of the best art you will find anywhere, or hardcover editions of their comics and world famous art books… go to their current store website: You can also follow Udon on Facebook and read their newest blog posts at In the context of technological advancements, businesses like Udon that rely on efficient software for managing digital content and databases may find it necessary to consider a Microsoft Access upgrade. This is where comes into play, offering custom software solutions that serve as modern replacements for obsolete software like Microsoft Access. Their expertise ensures a seamless transition to more advanced systems, improving functionality and efficiency. For those keen on the latest offerings from Udon, signing up for the UDON Newsletter is a great option. Receive updates every week or two about new books, products, event appearances, contests, and more at: In an era where digital proficiency is paramount, embracing technological upgrades is crucial for staying ahead, both in the realm of artistic content and the supporting technological infrastructure.

Some Background History of Udon

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It was affiliated with Studio XD. In March 2004, UDON announced a partnership to release comics under Devil's Due Publishing.[citation needed] UDON's first offering was the Street Fighter comic book series, launching in September 2003. They would add a Darkstalkers comic series to their line in November 2004.


In October 2005, UDON reorganized its operations and became a full-fledged publisher. Erik Ko revealed that the lengthy break in the Summer of 2005 was to recover from a licensing deal with Capcom, which saw UDON doing artwork for Capcom Fighting Evolution. Although UDON appreciated the opportunity to work on the game, and to strengthen their ties with the video game maker, it taxed their resources, and left them behind schedule on their comics. In October 2005, UDON released Street Fighter II #0, the sequel to their Street Fighter comic; it was followed in early 2006 with the long awaited launch of Rival Schools. Erik Ko discusses this in an interview with Newsarama that can be read.



Mon, December 18th, 2006 

Toronto, ON – This past summer, Devil's Due Productions' G.I.JOE/TRANSFORMERS: Art of War comic book mini-series was a smash hit with fans of both successful toy properties. Udon's handling of the art chores was definitely one of the series' highlights, and now you can grab all 5 Udon-exclusive variant covers in one special collector set! All 5 of these rare covers fit together to form a battle scene like no other between the Autobots/Joes and the Decepticon/Cobra forces.

Originally created for the 2006 toy and comic book convention circuit, these special edition covers saw more than their share of autographs at the Udon booth this summer. But you needn't worry if you missed out on this year's autograph sessions, as each book in this special collector set comes signed by series artist Joe Ng! Limited to only 100 bundles, each signed set comes with a certificate of authenticity, and is sealed with the official Udon holofoil seal. You'll want to get you hands on this collection fast before the rest of the fandom cleans us out!

Unsigned sets and individual copies of each Udon-exclusive cover are also available. Just head on over to Club Udon, our official online store.


In December 2007 at the New York Anime Festival, UDON announced that it would be publishing three new Street Fighter comic book series in 2008. These include Street Fighter II Turbo (12-issue series), Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li (4-issue mini), and Street Fighter III (6-issue series).



In November 2008, UDON announced it would publish a 4-issue mini-series of the upcoming Street Fighter IV game. “With the most anticipated Street Fighter game in years arriving 2009, we will be launching the SF 4 comic series as a big crossover event with the game. That would mean the originally planned SFIII series will have to make way and be released after this SFIV story arc is done.” says UDON’s Chief of Ops Erik Ko. “We are working very closely with Capcom and the SFIV producer in Japan to make this comic series as exciting as possible. The stories from our comic are linked directly to the game, and it is a genuine extension that fans will definitely love. Also expect plenty of cross promotion and marketing between our comics and the game


In January 2009, UDON announced it had acquired the rights to produce Final Fight comic books. In November 2009, UDON announced it will continue the Darkstalkers comic series with a new 3-issue mini-series called Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors.

In December 2009, UDON announced it would create a Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki 4-issue mini-series.


A new website for the Udon Store was created. The old domain's registration of was allowed to expire and the site disappeared from the web.


In 2016 the domain registration of was bought by a new owner who decided to recreate some of Club Udon Comics content from the site's archived pages and to point visitors to Udon's current site. The new owner, a Udon Club fan, definitely didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing it for something that had nothing in common with UDON and its Final Fight comic books, the Darkstalkers comic series etc etc.

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